How it all started

At an all-you-can-eat buffet, two college students noticed how much food was being wasted.

They began to search for solutions. They learned that food waste, instead of clogging landfills and gassing the air we breathe, could be turned into beneficial gardening products.

EcoScraps®, a brand that recycles food scraps into organic and sustainable lawn and garden products was born.

We believe that change begins from the ground up. We recycle by collecting wasted food from stores and restaurants to convert into all natural garden products. Our natural and organic products provide your plants with the vitamins and nutrients that they need to fight disease, drought, extreme temperatures, and grow strong.

At EcoScraps®, our mission is simple: grow gardens, not landfills.

Our founders
Daniel Blake

DANIEL BLAKE, Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer 

"I have never been an environmentalist, but I have always believed in sustainability. As a country I think we are too smart collectively to not be able to innovate and develop sustainable solutions. We started EcoScraps® to be one of those solutions." — DANIEL BLAKE


CRAIG MARTINEAU, Co-Founder, Chief Strategy Officer

"We started EcoScraps® based in a belief that you don’t have to choose between doing good and making money. Choosing to work with organic materials has allowed us to create products that are not only good for our planet, but are wholly sustainable." — CRAIG MARTINEAU

Our sustainabile process

A recent study tracking 25 top-selling food products from the farm to the fork, revealed the ugly truth behind everyday food waste:

  • In the first six months of the year, 28,500 tons of food waste is generated
  • 68% of all salad grown for bagged salads ends up wasted, with the majority of waste happening at home
  • 40% of apples end up as food waste
  • Just under half of all bakery items are wasted
  • A quarter of grapes are wasted between the vine and the fruit bowl, with the majority of waste happening in the home
  • A fifth of all bananas are wasted and one in ten bananas bought by customers end up in a bin.


What can you do to help?

The first thing you can do is check out our blog to see how you can help lower food waste at home!

Then, talk to your local grocery store and restaurants about recycling their food waste with EcoScraps®. We make it easy for our partners to recycle their food waste — have them contact us to learn more!

How is the collected food waste recycled?

EcoScraps® uses recycled food waste to produce nutrient-rich garden products. Instead of clogging landfills and gassing the air we breathe, the recycled food waste is used to produce sustainable garden products, helping you grow healthier plants in the most environmentally friendly way.

But did you know EcoScraps® also partners with Feed America and other organizations to recycle consumable food with local food banks and schools?

EcoScraps® also has solutions to recycle appropriate food items into animal feed or energy, via anaerobic digestion, in many markets. From meats to bakery items to fruits and vegetables, EcoScraps® works to recycle them all.

How EcoScraps® helps local and national businesses
recycle their food waste

We provide a number of recycling solutions for all types of businesses that deal in food waste like: grocery stores, restaurants, hospitals, cafeterias, public venues, stadiums, colleges and one time events.

We understand many businesses would like to go green, but generally cannot implement programs just to be sustainable;they need programs that are cost effective and convenient.

Food waste recycling solutions provided by EcoScraps®

Diverts food from the landfill and helps to save the environment adding to your sustainability story.

Cost Effective
EcoScraps® has the largest network of haulers and recycling sites nationwide to ensure you get the combination of the highest quality service providers and the lowest costs.

EcoScraps® provides information for decision making to ensure the program is convenient for your associates, allowing you to focus on your core business.

If you are interested in recycling your business' food waste with EcoScraps®,
 please contact us at [email protected] or through the contact information provided here.